Kenny and Masters of Music was a no brainer.  I use them where I work for various events, not the DJ aspect but the Photo Booth that they also offer.  It was a no brainer for me to use Kenny.  One of the most important components for my wedding day was that the celebration was fun for everyone.  When I decided on a venue, I asked the director at the venue since she had put on a lot of weddings was the difference between fun weddings and just average weddings and she replied with the music.  At the point I asked who she would recommend and who the most fun music was — Her response….Masters of Music.  It made my day!!!



I have worked with Kenny for over ten years, and I think that he is the best in the business.  Kenny and his associates are always very courteous and professional, and make sure that no detail is overlooked, ensuring that your event is perfect.  This is why when I got engaged, I chose Kenny for my own wedding reception.  I have seen many others, but none of them come close to Masters of Music.

Jeri Stewart


Masters of Music provided the music at my wedding on January 10, 2015.  I was a very picky bride.  I wanted everything to be perfect.  Most all of I wanted the music to be perfect.  I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Masters of Music, they were very professional, kind and most importantly they listened to mine and my fiances vision for what we wanted our reception to be like and followed it to the tee.  We had Josh Claxon and I personally highly recommend him, he was awesome!  He made sure to let us know about 10 minutes ahead of time when anything was coming up such as the toasts or first dance or cutting of the cake.  I know for a fact that have Masters of Music lessened my stress.  Of all the wedding expenses we incurred this was the one cost I was more than happy to pay.



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